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Property Assessment

The Excelsior Township Assessor is the person who assesses all property in the township to make sure that it is valued at 50% of the current market value. This value is then used for property tax calculations for each property. Excelsior Township has approximately 1200 properties with an assessed value in 2021 of $68,691,000 and a Taxable Value of $53,888,206.

The assessor must follow State of Michigan rules and guidelines when doing his assessments. In February the Assessor mails out an assessment statement to property owners indicating the amount of State Equalized Value and Taxable Value placed on the property for the tax year. If the property owner disagrees with the assessment it can be appealed and reviewed by the Board of Review at its March meetings.

In Excelsior Township the Assessor is also the Land Division Agent and responsible for receiving, reviewing and approving all Land Split applications.

Current salary:  $18,000/year

The current Assessor of Excelsior Township is:

Kevin Hunter, Assessor
P.O. Box 195
Grayling, MI 49738
Email:  ExcelsiorTwpAssessor@yahoo.com

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